Building a healthier planet





Climate change is one of the major issues of this century.
Each of our activities contributes to cumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Our vaccines are no exception.

United Nations recommend that we act in three ways:

  1. Measuring our CO2 emissions;
  2. Reducing them as much as possible;
  3. Contributing to global climate transition to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

At MCM, we have decided to embark on this adventure by addressing our climate footprint following those 3 steps:


MCM measured the greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint), linked to antigens and finished products' transportation to the European countries and Australia.

Our partner is WeNow, a United Nation gold champion accredited agency, expert in greenhouse gas emission measurement, reduction and compensation projects to the European countries and Australia.


MCM is engaged into actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at several levels:

  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Discarding and wastage


MCM invests into projects to limit the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere:


  • United Nations Certified emission reductions projects to match the carbon emissions of our transport to contribute to global carbon neutrality.
  • Tree-planting initiatives in European countries and Australia to further contribute to decarbonization and local biodiversity.